New perfumes: salted wood, coconut water and vanilla marshmallow

New perfumes: salted wood, coconut water and vanilla marshmallow

One of my favorite summer scents is Un Jardin sur le Nil from the famous "garden" Hermes series. In second place after the "Nile Gardens" with their aquatic lotuses and carrot tops, I have the humid jungles of the "Gardens after the monsoon", Yes in General, I am very interested in the entire line. Therefore, as soon as I learned that the "gardens" were replenished with a new bottle – I went to investigate.

Un Jardin Sur La Lagune


This is the first "garden" made by a non-staff perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena, who retired with distinction. And it was immediately felt… Already in the very color of the bottle was "wrong", although there are no complaints about the design with a picture of a Bosnian artist on the box – everything is in style.

"Garden in the lagoon" is the first "garden" of the line that you do not want to wear in the warm season. They are not light, not sweet, not aquatic, not herbal – they have a melancholy autumn smell of warm dry flowers with an incomprehensible undertone like salted licorice. They turned out to be flat and boring on me, some kind of work "on the dump"... a Vague indefinite smell, the only advantages-different from the ocean of luxury flankers and very persistent. And then later a few hours later, I liked them much better – they smelled of salted dry wood and traditional marshland for the entire line. But I still can not say that it is a living natural smell, such as the previous ones. The most unfortunate "gardens" in my opinion, although "Monsignor Lee" is also not particularly liked.
3,536 rubles for 30 ml. in the "Ile de bot" (there are no card discounts for this volume).

Coconut Fizz


Another novelty that did not impress... something Aqua Allegoria line is rapidly heading in the direction of "Yves Rocher", although it was once a direct hit and not ordinary... The smell of Coconut Fizz is more suitable for a neutral shower gel, but not for the Guerlain series. I didn't really feel it at all – just Asian coconut water from a jar. Then there were some cucumber-brine notes, watery and almost inaudible. On the one hand, it is good that this is not a banal question a tropical coconut, but on the other hand - I want to add volume and volume to it so that it can be appreciated... It was also unstable - it evaporated after a couple of hours, never making itself known. Deny.
4 353 RUB. for 75 ml. on the Golden card "Riv Gauche".



Hooked just for the company – I think that the first "Apple" was the last bright creation of the house, but compared to the previous two Stories even won. Karanovska "Apple" note in place – a feature just like the" angelic " note of Mugler-but framed with powdered sugar, vanilla cream, tea, and even some kind of pepper. Playful, fun, stuffy… Not fussy and without pretensions, but also not quite a trinket – a kind of fragrance for students from good families who run tirelessly around the big city. Exhaled by the smell of fresh marshmallows, holds on medium. I won't buy it for myself, but the fragrance will have fans.
2,399 rubles for 30 ml. in "Rive Gauche" (there are no card discounts for this volume).

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