Selective Filtering Online Contents

The world's first selective content filtering that understands the context and blocks only relevant content within a web page, leaving other safe material accessible.

Net Filter Pro is an advanced website filtering engine that understands the structure of the site, semantically analyzes the content and filters only what is harmful to you and your family.

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Online Threats For Children and Family

Today, the online resources and websites developed into platforms which welcomes users from all ages, starting from toddlers, kids, teenageers.

These platforms provide huge opportunity of learning for these young audiences and help them interacting with their peers. However, the same platforms also pose many threats to these users as they are hosting many harmful content such as sexual contents, violence, drug-related, gun-related. These contents are usually provided side to side to regular content they would consume.

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Selective Filtering vs Blocking Websites

In order to stop these threats, regular content filtering tools are being used. However, such parental control tools are simple by nature, they either block the website completely, or allow it totally without any further limitation.

Today's online experience requires more sophistication that simple block/allow methodologies simply because it's not practical to block these kind of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google or many others (your child will definitely want to access it and they will find a way). Instead, an engine that truly understands the content of each website and blocks only the harmful content is needed

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Net Filter Pro is an advanced content filtering

We understand the need, and we developed a technology that does not block popular platforms, but smartly filters only harmful content.

  • Parents Get The Control Back

    The parents decide which content their children will see, without limiting them

  • Selective Content Filtering on Mainstream Platforms

    The harmful content is filtered, and clean contents are still allowed

  • User Experience Is Intact

    The user experience is not affected at all. The selective filtering applies only to the context it is related, not the whole website

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Frequently Asked Questions

We develop technologies for a better online experience

Our aim is to protect younger generation against online threats, and provide them the opportunity to still access any online resource that is not dangerous.

Internet is full of potential for the growing future adults, and we believe we can provide them great technologies that does eliminate the need of restricting whole websites and platforms, and provide them only clean content. For any question or comments, please contact us via:

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