6 Undeniable Benefits of Online Content Filtering

Unlimited access to the internet causes more harm than good, especially for minors. That is why content filtering is crucial to all online users at the home, school, or workplace. The benefits of installing a Content Filtering software are evident once you learn how it protects you and then take the necessary measures.

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6 Undeniable Benefits of Online Content Filtering

Unlimited access to the internet causes more harm than good, especially for minors. That is why content filtering is crucial to all online users at the home, school, or workplace. The benefits of installing this software are evident once you learn how it protects you and then take the necessary measures.

Online Threat Statistics

However, just how bad is the situation for web users? Let us examine statistics concerning online threats. These statistics show how much everyone is at risk from web-based threats whenever using the internet.

Google's Transparency Report of February 24, 2019 states that 1.4 million websites were classified as "Sites Deemed Dangerous by Safe Browsing."
• Dr. Web reveals in the March 2020 report that there was a 106.76% increase of dangerous URLs compared to February 2020. This was an addition of 186,881 against 90, 385 of February.
Ropelato (2006), explains that in 2006, websites with adult content constituted 12%.
• A survey by Netmums indicates that 42.1% of children concurred that they watch online pornography. The same survey divulged that 5% of the children said they arranged to meet secretly with strangers they had chatted with online.
• Another Google report on 4.5 million sites warned that 10% of the websites were dangerous and could expose internet users to hackers.
Benefits of Content Filtering Tools

1. Blocks inappropriate content

The internet is awash with all manner of content, which can pop up when children are in the middle of their research or activities. Even when they have to play online games, blocking violent games is important. It will protect them from being violent because of such exposure.

Filtering inappropriate content also keeps them safe from bad sites including those for gambling, pornography, racism, obscenities, and other illegal activities. Blocking this content preserves children's innocence. It also shields them from getting addicted to these weird behaviors. This will allow them to grow up into socially upright adults.

2. Improves productivity

By installing content control software, you reduce unnecessary time wastage on online diversions. Employees and children alike see no big deal in wasting time on non-productive work. That is why when parents and school authorities install web-filtering software, children tend to concentrate more on their work.

This makes them more productive. At the work place, productivity significantly improves when workers cannot access non-work related sites. They will also work efficiently as there will be no distractions from mindless browsing on the internet. The filtering tools also enable the company to have better internet management.

3. Protects privacy

Online content filtering tools play a great role in protecting the privacy of individuals who would otherwise be at risk. Children can stumble upon chat rooms and start chatting inappropriately with strangers. It is easy for them to give away private information without knowing the repercussions for it.

Some sites may ask for such information with bad intentions. Children may also expose themselves to cyber bullying. It can affect them throughout their entire life causing them to fall into depression or commit suicide.

In the work environment, web filtering protects the privacy of the company. It controls which sites employees visit by blocking the dangerous ones. This safeguards the business data that would otherwise end up in wrong hands. It also prevents identity theft.

4. Defends infrastructure

Streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube are popular with most internet users. Though it is okay in the home, children should use them with parental controls in place. As for the work environment, streaming uses up a lot of bandwidth and time.

If several employees use these services each day, they will waste company time and cause network overload. Installing content filtering software eliminates such wastage that leads to network congestion. This in turn protects the company infrastructure and employees only access relevant work-related websites.

5. Eliminates cyber-attack threats

The internet is an active ground for all manner of pursuits some of which are harmful. Content control software stops cybercrimes. They do this by preventing access to malicious and dangerous websites on your devices.

It safeguards against viruses and other damaging materials that can harm your computer and cause network loss. These content filters increase web security as they bar the real threat of cyber hacking which can cause untold agony. Cyber hackers can bring down an individual or company by stealing and using personal information for their benefit.

It could be accessing bank accounts, social media accounts, or using blackmail to extort money in exchange for the stolen data. On an individual level, attackers may leave a trail of debt using your stolen identity.

Because of such attacks, a company can soil their reputation. They may end up losing valuable clients who may not understand why precautionary measures were not enforced in the first place.

6. Minimizes company liability

By filtering content, you protect your company from liability arising from employees' mischievous activities online. Not all employees perform their jobs when they have access to the internet. As such, they can cause serious legal issues for the company if controls are not enforced.

They can download copyrighted materials or pornographic content into the company's internal networks. Such rogue employees can also misuse company emails, share spiteful posts among other actions.

The company will be liable leading to court cases and reputation damage. The use of filtering software raises the company's credibility, protects it from such legal problems, and displays commitment to stopping cybercrimes at the workplace.


The internet is an invaluable part of our everyday lives. We need it for our daily activities such as conveying information, marketing products and services, and conducting research. This implies that employing web content filtering tools is a mandatory act.

It guarantees maximum protection for all internet users. This lessens legal hassles in relation to security breaches while protecting your network from hackers. Productivity receives a boost, as there is minimal misuse and wastage of time and resources. Most importantly, children will be safe when using the internet.

How Net Filter Pro Can Help

Our browser extension provides the only Selective Content Filtering capability in the industry. Using our extension, end users will not have to block domains or urls, The online contents that include pornography, violence, hate speech, drug related or gun related contents will be filtered out, and safe content will still be presented to the user. If you want to get more information about Net Filter Pro extension, or give it a try, please visit:
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Net Filter Pro is an advanced content filtering

We understand the need, and we developed a technology that does not block popular platforms, but smartly filters only harmful content.

  • Parents Get The Control Back

    The parents decide which content their children will see, without limiting them

  • Selective Content Filtering on Mainstream Platforms

    The harmful content is filtered, and clean contents are still allowed

  • User Experience Is Intact

    The user experience is not affected at all. The selective filtering applies only to the context it is related, not the whole website


Frequently Asked Questions

We develop technologies for a better online experience

Our aim is to protect younger generation against online threats, and provide them the opportunity to still access any online resource that is not dangerous.

Internet is full of potential for the growing future adults, and we believe we can provide them a great technology which enables them to access clean and harmless content, while blocking and hiding out harmful and objectionable content, all at the same time without the need to completely block all websites or platforms . For any question or comments, please contact us via:

Email: netfilterpro@netfilterpro.com
Contact Us
How Does It Work?

Most of the famous and commonly used websites such as Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook cannot be classified as totally harmful or totally clean. As a parent, you would like to allow your children or even yourself to see the good content on these platform, while blocking the bad and harmful content.

We believe our technology is unique, yet simple. We simply allow all such websites to render, but analyze parts of the website and filter out that part only, leaving all the other content untouched. We call our technology 'Selective Content Filtering'

What's The Benefit?

Completely blocking a website would restrict your children to get the benefits of these websites. Preventing access to Google search results, or Google Images results, Youtube videos could be an option for parents, but that will hinder their learning. Also, if children are not allowed to access these websites, they will quickly find alternatives which provide same or worse contents.

Filtering out only harmful content, while preserving the good content and allowing to access all websites is a great way for both protecting the children, but also allow them to get the full potential of the Internet .

How Do You Define 'Harmful Content'?

The online contents that include pornography, violence, profanity, hate speech, drug related or gun related materials are considered harmful content.

Also, our database is updated regularly with new input that defines further what is harmful according to parents.

Which Content Types Are Filtered Out?

All textual content are analyzed and filtered out. For most of the popular platforms, the image contents are also analyzed and filtered out with image processing.

The analysis of text and images are performed based on harmful content definition, which are part of the application

Will The User Notice The Usage Of This Application?

The user will not notice that some contents are filtered out. All the filtering happens in the background, and the content is simply hidden from user interaction, thus they don't even know that filtering is implemented.

Based on user selection, you may chose to overlay an image on top of the filtered content, but that's optional. The default behavior is to hide out.

Can I View Which Websites My Child Visited?

Yes, you may create an account here My Account and connect your child device. Then all page visits of your child will be listed under your account.