How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

20% of children who access the internet have been sexually solicited. 25% has seen unwanted pornography. More than half of teens have received an email or instant message from a stranger and half of them have replied.

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20% of children who access the internet have been sexually solicited. 25% has seen unwanted pornography. More than half of teens have received an email or instant message from a stranger and half of them have replied.

Internet is great, and you can find everything. But with great power comes great responsibility. Especially when the users are children, this power can easily be misused or being misguided by cyber stalkers, child molesters, inappropriate content, cyber bullies and more. At any moment of time, they might be lurking, and waiting for an opportunity to reach out to your children. And based on statistics, that happens a lot.
The risks that every Internet using child faces is discussed previously here and here.

What Parents Can Do To Reduce These Risks

We have compiled a list of 10 items that you can easily do to reduce your children's risks.
  1. Place computers in a common area of the house
  2. Learn more about computers and the internet
  3. Spend time online with your kids
  4. Set reasonable time and usage limits
  5. Enable SafeSearch on the browsers
  6. Keep them out of online chat rooms, and do your best to reinforce the old rule, "never talk to strangers"
  7. No personal information given out, and no "face-to-face" meetings
  8. NEVER let your child upload or download photos without your permission
  9. Discuss the dangers of the web with your child
  10. Check with your Internet Service Provider for any parental controls, blocking and filtering tools they may offer

How Net Filter Pro Can Help

Our browser extension provides the only Selective Content Filtering capability in the industry. Using our extension, end users will not have to block domains or urls, The online contents that include pornography, violence, hate speech, drug related or gun related contents will be filtered out, and safe content will still be presented to the user. If you want to get more information about Net Filter Pro extension, or give it a try, please visit:
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Net Filter Pro is an advanced content filtering

We understand the need, and we developed a technology that does not block popular platforms, but smartly filters only harmful content.

  • Parents Get The Control Back

    The parents decide which content their children will see, without limiting them

  • Selective Content Filtering on Mainstream Platforms

    The harmful content is filtered, and clean contents are still allowed

  • User Experience Is Intact

    The user experience is not affected at all. The selective filtering applies only to the context it is related, not the whole website


Frequently Asked Questions

We develop technologies for a better online experience

Our aim is to protect younger generation against online threats, and provide them the opportunity to still access any online resource that is not dangerous.

Internet is full of potential for the growing future adults, and we believe we can provide them a great technology which enables them to access clean and harmless content, while blocking and hiding out harmful and objectionable content, all at the same time without the need to completely block all websites or platforms . For any question or comments, please contact us via:

Contact Us
How Does It Work?

Most of the famous and commonly used websites such as Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook cannot be classified as totally harmful or totally clean. As a parent, you would like to allow your children or even yourself to see the good content on these platform, while blocking the bad and harmful content.

We believe our technology is unique, yet simple. We simply allow all such websites to render, but analyze parts of the website and filter out that part only, leaving all the other content untouched. We call our technology 'Selective Content Filtering'

What's The Benefit?

Completely blocking a website would restrict your children to get the benefits of these websites. Preventing access to Google search results, or Google Images results, Youtube videos could be an option for parents, but that will hinder their learning. Also, if children are not allowed to access these websites, they will quickly find alternatives which provide same or worse contents.

Filtering out only harmful content, while preserving the good content and allowing to access all websites is a great way for both protecting the children, but also allow them to get the full potential of the Internet .

How Do You Define 'Harmful Content'?

The online contents that include pornography, violence, profanity, hate speech, drug related or gun related materials are considered harmful content.

Also, our database is updated regularly with new input that defines further what is harmful according to parents.

Which Content Types Are Filtered Out?

All textual content are analyzed and filtered out. For most of the popular platforms, the image contents are also analyzed and filtered out with image processing.

The analysis of text and images are performed based on harmful content definition, which are part of the application

Will The User Notice The Usage Of This Application?

The user will not notice that some contents are filtered out. All the filtering happens in the background, and the content is simply hidden from user interaction, thus they don't even know that filtering is implemented.

Based on user selection, you may chose to overlay an image on top of the filtered content, but that's optional. The default behavior is to hide out.

Can I View Which Websites My Child Visited?

Yes, you may create an account here My Account and connect your child device. Then all page visits of your child will be listed under your account.